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Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, and Media Air Filters from Aprilaire

Aprilaire offers Healthy Air with state-of-the-art control over humidity, air purity, ventilation and temperature. Aprilaire can help improve your family's health, comfort, energy-efficiency and preservation your home.

Humidity can be tricky. No matter what type of climate you live in–dry or humid–you always ideally want to keep your indoor humidity between 30-50%. Whether it’s too high or too dry, humidity can impact indoor air quality and, ultimately, your family’s well being. From asthma to allergies, dust mites to mold spores and more, get a handle on your indoor humidity to optimize your family’s health.

If you notice static shock, cracks in the floorboards, creaky furniture, chipped paint, or dry skin and sinuses–especially in the wintertime or in dry climates–your home may be too dry. Alternatively, your home may be too humid if you notice in the summertime or in moist climates if you notice a lingering musty smell and condensation on windows or mirrors. You may also notice the wood in your home is swelling–think of doors that are hard to open or close.

Four Seasons Comfort installs Aprilaire humidifiers, whole house dehumidifiers, and media air filters.